To support the efforts of the individual research programs and the mission of the MIT TCNC, we support two Core Resources. These two resources are; (1) a core of expertise and equipment for computational analysis and modeling to aid individuals and groups in effective modeling of biological processes; (2) a core dedicated to training students and postdoctoral fellows and outreach to the broader scientific community.

Computational Modeling

The Computational Modeling Core is focused on developing improved computational methods for use not only by TCNC investigators but also by the broader cancer community.
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Education & Outreach

The ICBP program focuses its efforts in education and outreach on teaching undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and research staff in an integrative multi-disciplinary environment while promoting the free exchange of data and educational materials.
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RNA Interference

While ICBP at MIT no longer explicitly maintains an RNAi Core Resource, RNAi has become a routine component of most experiments. An online database of validated siRNA and shRNA sequences has been developed for the MIT/ICBP community. The goal of this database is to provide a resource for local researchers who wish to find siRNA and shRNA sequences that have been tested and validated by MIT labs. This website also serves as a direct portal to the NCBI Probe Database.
+MIT/ICBP sirRNA Database